Lasse Winkler (born October 10, 1985, in Paris) grew up in an artistic environment as the son of the actress Angela Winkler and the sculptor Wigand Witting. Writing music and lyrics quickly became his passion. His first experiences at festivals and parties inspired him to create beats and the effect they have on the dancer. He became involved in the Berlin techno scene early on and was involved in the creation of two clubs: “Sisyphos” and “Kultstätte Keller”.
In 2012 he founded the music label “KELLER” with a handful of DJ friends. In the same year, the collaboration with his previous DJ duo “Beatmörtelz” dissolved and he acquired the name “ACUD” for a future solo project. Known
With tracks like “Matjesfilet”, “Verbrennungsmotor” and “Supermarkt”, he has since performed as a live act or DJ in clubs and festivals across Europe. In the meantime, looking for a change, he pursued his second passion in 2013 and began studying art at the “Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst” in Leipzig (HGB) in the class of Prof. Heidi Specker. After completing a guest semester at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon (ENSBA) in 2017, he broke off his studies prematurely a year later to devote himself entirely to music.
In 2021 he founded his own music publishing company “Kiesel”, thereby expanding a platform for talented music producers. In the same year, he received funding from Initiative Musik GmbH and produced his first album, “ACUD”, entitled “Verdammt Nochmal”.
After releasing his first EP entitled “Kleiner Wind” under his real name in October 2021, he is currently working on a pop album, which will be released in 2024 and for which he will receive a work scholarship from the “Bei Herrmann zwischen den Deichen” foundation in 2023. In addition to working as a DJ/live act, songwriter, and label operator, he composes music for the stage. Most recently, the soundtrack to Evelin Facchini’s dance piece “WRY / Second layer_Anatomy of deception” was created in the Uferstudios Berlin, as well as the live music for the play “T4 – Ophelia’s Garden” and the soundtrack to “Deutschland: Einzeltäter – Einzelfall” at the “Theater unterm Dach” (TUD) in Berlin directed by David Stöhr.
Lasse Winkler lives and works in Berlin Neukölln and in the Haute Loire (FR).


• “Menschen” (2020) / 21 Gramm, Berlin (GER)

• Solo Exhibition “Durch Glas” (2017) / Galerie Hribernig, Klagenfurt (AUT)

• Exhibition for 48h Neukölln with Tammo Winkler (2017) / Rue Bunte, Berlin (GER)

• Group Exhibition “The soft animal of your body” (2017), HGB Festsaal, Leipzig (GER)

• Group Exhibition “Jubeljahre” (2015) / Tapetenwerk, Leipzig (GER)

• Group Exhibition “Noch nicht 30” (2015) / Kultstätte Keller, Berlin (GER)



• Acud – Verdammt Nochmal (Lp, 2023)

• Acud – Supermarkt (Single. 2022)

• Acud – Sektdusche (Ep, 2022)

• Lasse Winkler – Kleiner Wind (Ep, 2021)

• Acud & Beatmörtelz – Haushaltsüberschuss (Ep, 2020)

• Acud – Neukölln liegt am Meer (Ep, 2020)

• Acud – Der Gang (Ep, 2019)

• Acud – Spargelspaghetti (Ep, 2019)

• Acud – Verbrennungsmotor Remixes (Ep, 2019)

• Acud – Matjesfilet (Single, 2019)

• Acud – Verbrennungsmotor (Ep, 2018)

• Acud – Getriebe (Ep, 2017)

• Acud – Lost Delta (Ep, 2016)

• Acud – Aldabra (Ep, 2012)